"Flamzees are incredibly popular for their cute looks and soft voice. Despite this, Flamzees are incredibly shy and usually isolate themselves from other monsters. They can be usually found perching in trees and practicing their sweet songs."

Info Edit

Appearance: A tall, slender, humanoid rocky body with a circular head made of lava with feathery red 'hair' long enough to touch the ground and long bangs that cover it's right eye. Two yellow eyes with red pupils and a small mouth, with plump lips. Two wing-like arms made of fire with four fingers like feathers. Large red butterfly wings, detached from the body, floating on each side of the monster, and long, bird-like legs with three claws on each foot.

Element(s): Earth, Air, Fire

Breeding Combinations:

Kayna & Cybop

Stogg & Tweedle

Glowl & Noggin

Incubation time: 8 hours

Likes: Cybop, Piney Tree, Floofy Nest, Yawstrich (hidden)

Islands: Earth, Air, Space, Cloud, Cave, Party, Tribal

Song Edit

In the Earth Island, the Flamzee softly harmonizes at the parts in which the Mammot and Tweedle start to sing.

In the Air Island, the Flamzee starts to harmonize as soon as the Tweedle starts to sing.

In the Space Island, it sings along with the Sooza and Rootitoot's songs. Something like, "Laaa.. La la la la la laa.. La-laaa la la la laaa la-laa.."

In the Cloud Island, it softly harmonizes as soon as the Tweedle starts singing.

In the Cave Island, it starts to harmonize as soon as the Kayna starts singing.

In the Party Island, it starts to harmonize at the start of the song.

In the Tribal Island, it starts to sing along with the Tweedle.

Nicknames Edit

Alt, Bonnie, Cat, Dina, Ember, Frou-Frou, Gina, Hara, Ily, Jell, Katherine, Lala, Momo, Nala, Okiku, Pusheen, Qwhyett, Risky, Shantae, Tiana, Ulala, Vivzie, Wala, Xender, Yaya, Zozo.