"Some monsters occupy multiple beds. When you need more beds, upgrade the castle."
There are two mini-games that you can play from the Castle; you can learn more about them by clicking on the links below:

Castle Description Beds Fanon?
Box Castle Yes
Basic Castle "Singing takes a lot of energy, and monsters need sleep! The Basic Castle really isn't very comfy at all; the rain gets through, it's

drafty, and cramped."

4/20 No
Modest Castle "It's great to have a good night's sleep! The Modest Castle is dry and warm, but small." 10/45 No
Comfortable Castle "Ah, some elbow room! The Comfortable Castle even has indoor plumbing." 18/80 No
Spacious Castle "The Spacious Castle has lots of room for monsters to relax and refresh." 28/125 No
Luxurious Castle "It just doesn't get any better than this! The Luxurious Castle has

everything a monster might enjoy, from cold slime pools to dark, nasty dungeons. Who would ever want to leave?"

40/175 No
Extravagant Castle "This state of the art domicile goes way overboard when it comes to spoiling the monsters...  Personal assistants to wait on them hand and

foot (at least those that have hands and feet), the spiffiest sound systems on the monster market...  They've got it made in the shade."

60/265 No
Shiny Castle Yes
Paradise Castle "After agreeing that more beds equals more fun, the monsters set out

to create the most capacious castle ever - and what better inspiration than Gold Island's own Crystal Castle? Following extensive study of the original architectural marvel, the multiverse's finest architects were tapped to craft the new castle in its image. After the smoke cleared, there was no question - this is the be-all and end-all of monster living arrangements. Welcome to paradise!"

90/400 No
Emerald Castle Yes
Crystal Castle "Although shaped like a castle, this mysterious structure actually serves as the main power generator in the monster dimension of the

multiverse!  It's from here that monsters derive their musical inspiration, as well as their tireless energy so that they can keep singing forever!"

Unlimited No

Upgrade Cost Edit

Castle Upgrade Cost
Basic 500 C
Modest 3,000 C
Comfortable 15,000 C
Spacious 30,000 C
Luxuious 80,000 C
Extravagant 1,000,000 C
Shiny 20 D
Paradise 40 D
Emerald 80 D
Crystal 1 J