"Poop Island is a loud place where clean buttholes are extremely rare. So, if you get there and the Monsters are sleeping, enjoy it while you can, they won't be sleeping much longer."

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Indigenous Monsters. Edit

Image Monster Level Avalible Breeding Time
Icegg Icegg 17 0:01:00
Wolfrack Wolfrack 1 0:00:30
Stomusic Stomusic 7 1:00:00
Barkbeat Barkbeat 7 4:00:00
Crabock Crabock 7 4:00:00
Punchost Punchost 9 4:00:00
Plataplant Plataplant 7 4:00:00
Slitherock Slitherock 9 12:00:00

Rocks and Trees Edit

Fetishes are trees, barf bags are rocks.

Music Edit

fart oiio

Notes/Trivia Edit

YOYLECAKE (Go look up BFDI to see what I mean)